5 Fashionable Wedding Cake Trends

This week we bring for you a fashionably delicious post. With the increasing competition and interest in baking, there are various wedding cake designs and styles to choose from. Now you can pick a cake that enhances your wedding theme and is just the perfect ‘cherry on the top’ for your wedding venue.

Naked Cake

img 1-4

Forget the frosting and show off the inside of the cake instead.  Add more colours to the cake with layers of fresh seasonal fruits. Your baker can even layer contrasting colours like white and black or pink and black and decorate the layers with beautiful flowers.

White on White

img 5-8

One of my personal favourite cake styles is white on white. Perfect for a garden themed wedding or a dreamy winter wedding, white on white cakes can be customized with fun toppers and flower layers. For an elegant touch just add light coloured or pastel flowers at the base. The baker can even add lace effect on the cake and shape it in unique styles like square or hexagon.

Metallic Cake

img 9-12

If you are planning a grand wedding and want to create a statement then Metallic Cake is the hit this season. For a very lavish look, opt for completely metallic embroidery on the cake and if you wish to keep it subtle, you can add thin layers of metallic strips at the bottom of each tier.

Lace Wedding Cake

img 13-16

For your Great Gatsby inspired wedding, lace is the deal. These days’ bakers are coming up with creative ideas to use edible lace designs on cakes. Either you can go for for white cake with coloured lace or a coloured cake with white lace.

Illustrated Wedding Cake

img 17-20

Get crafty with your cake and ask the baker to paint the cake according to your wedding theme. Either geometric prints or marble effect these days bakers are doing a fantastic job. You can even get your initials on the cake as your very own wedding logo or get your favourite quote on the cake tiers.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to share your favourite wedding cake style in the comment box below!


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