A Simple Suave Wedding at Polo & Equestrian Club, Dubai

Vicky and Steve had been together for about 7 years when one night Steve asked her to accompany him to the balcony. Since it was his mother’s birthday party it wasn’t much of a surprise for Vicky till Steve bent down on one knee, presented a ring and asked her the magical question, ‘Will you marry me?’.

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With the assistance of Pinterest, Vicky started planning her wedding 18 months ahead and defined her likes and dislikes. Due to her intensive research and visits to bridal boutiques in London, she had a fairly good idea of what she wanted when she came to The Bridal Showroom.

When Vicky tried a gorgeous mermaid gown by Sophia Tolli at The Bridal Showroom, she knew it was ‘The’ dress. Vicky loved the gemmed bodice with lace detailing and the beautiful net finishing that gave a very delicate touch. Vicky complemented her dream gown with custom made lace veil, pearls and hairclip from the United Kingdom.

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“Yes of course, the Bridal Showroom was extremely helpful and accommodating,” Vicky replied when asked if she would recommend The Bridal Showroom to her friends and family.

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Vicky and Steve exchanged their vows in an urbane wedding at The Polo & Equestrian Club in Dubai. The Bridal Showroom wishes the couple a very successful and joyous life.


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