DIY Craft Ideas For Your Wedding Day

This week we decided to incorporate gift and wedding and share with you some unique wedding gift ideas. We do not recommend you to go overboard with DIY but a few creative favours are always a thoughtful idea. So, pick up your scissors and ribbons, we are about to tie some knots!

Signature Soda Pop

Send your friends and family back home with refreshing treats. Use soda bottles with fancy straws and attach a small card with the signature recipe. Cheers!

Personalised Flash Drive

All good things come to an end. Put a melodious end to your wedding with a customized flash drive with your favourite photos and your very own playlist.

Simple Succulent

Set a table with beautiful succulent plants in glass jars that your guests can take on their way back home and let the love grow.

Instagram Coasters

While Instagram makes it to top social media sites, it would be appropriate to use high resolution and meaningful images on the coasters as an interesting souvenir for your wedding guests.

Candy Filled Mugs

Wow your guests with unforgettable treats. Fill the mug with crepe paper and add chocolates. Tie an illustration of you and the groom around the mug and your sweet surprise is ready.

Customised Nail Polish

Customize the nail polish with your name or a catchy phrase and pack the polish and buffer together with a bow.

Candle Tea Cups

Shop for vintage like tea cups and fill them with candle wax. Include a simple ‘match’-box with your names embossed on it.

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