How to Choose Your Bridal Headpiece

In the overwhelming bridal shopping experience, brides often underestimate the importance of bridal headpieces. We at The Bridal Showroom, believe that this little piece can add the right bling to your attire and pull your entire look together. In this week’s post we are mentioning key rules that will help you shop for beautiful pearl and crystal headpieces.

Decide the Silhouette of Your Gown


BB126 and FT 3032

Deciding on the bridal gown is not an easy thing and may take months to find just the right one. If you wish to purchase your headpiece while shopping for your gown, discuss your body shape with the bridal consultant and see which silhouette suits you the most. For a completely beaded ball gown, opt for an equally ornate headpiece. If you’re planning a beach side wedding choose simpler and less elaborate headpieces. For a T-length dress, a birdcage or blusher is the perfect choice.

Choose Your Hairstyle in Advance

CM 3022 and DD11


Whether a bun, high ponytail or side swept: discuss your hairstyle with your consultant and she will advise you through the different options and which ones are the best for your hair. If your hair is thick and voluminous, choose something that’s big and more noticeable and for a high bun, a bejeweled comb is most preferable.

Choose the Right White

DD41 and FL 3042


When choosing your headpiece make sure, it’s the correct white. If your gown is a pale cream colour, a crisp white headpiece would look totally out of place. Your headpiece should be in harmony with your gown and jewellery to beautify your look rather than creating distractions.

Fix it Well

BB81261 and TR6062

To dramatise your hairstyle, use pins to lift your headpiece like a crown and pin it closer to your face. If you plan to wear your headpiece throughout the reception make sure you are comfortable and can bend and turn easily. To remove the headpiece at the reception attach it separately with extra snaps and pin to allow movement without ruining your hairstyle.

In the end, it’s your wedding, be imaginative and daring and choose something that defines you yet flatters your face and complements your ensemble!


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