Interview with Wedding Cake Designer

UAE’s first online dessert bakery, Sugar Moo is known for their beautiful designs and unparalleled taste. Famous for their hybrid and unique desserts, Sugar Moo is the friendliest online bakery in your neighbourhood. In today’s interview, we bring for you, a very special interview with the owner herself, Raki Philips.


1.Tell us about SugarMoo and how did you get started?

SugarMoo is Dubai’s first online dessert bakery and delivers anywhere in Dubai within 90 minutes. Whether it is to your home, office, partyor event we are there for our lovely customers. 

Ordering is very easy with Sugarmoo, you can either visit our website, email us at, call us toll free at 800-SUGAR or download our app. 

We started in 2014 as we saw a gap in the market for great quality creative hybrid desserts that are far from the cupcakes and Arabic sweet shops that are all over town.   We only use fresh ingredients and never use sweeteners, chemicals or preservatives.


  1. What kind of cakes do you make?

We have a wide range of cake selections.  Directly off our website we have delicious freshly baked cakes daily, that ranges from our signature Red Velvet Oreo which was voted as Dubai’s #1 Red Velvet cake, Chcoloco, Cinnamon Twist Carrot Cake to much more.  We can also customize any cake according to customer’s designs, flavors.

  1. Could you tell us your design process for creating a wedding cake?

Wedding cakes are so intimate and personal. Since it is the most important day in someone’s life, it is also important for us to get every details right.  We love to sit with the happy couple and discuss vision, design and flavors.  We draw inspiration from various pictures to find what the couple would like. After that we would produce a sketch drawing and do a food tasting to make sure we have the perfect mix of flavor and design. Lastly, our team of chefs and cake artists start working there magic.


  1. What’re your favourite materials to work with and how long does it take to create a cake?

Every cake is personalized and intricately detailed according to the customer’s likes so the time varies and can take up to weeks for the design, preparation and execution.  We love working with fresh fruits and mixing different flavors to bring out an amazing taste.

  1. What’s a regular day in your life like?

A regular day in my life is anything but regular… and that’s why I love it!

  1. How early should a bride get in touch if she wants to make her wedding cake at SugarMoo?

The sooner the better but we have been able to turn a cake once in just 3 days… talk about last minute but the wonderful team at SugarMoo made it happen.

  1. What does a bride need to prepare for her first meeting with SugarMoo?

It’s important to have a theme, a flavor and a vision in mind of how she wants it done… we will assist, guide, execute and make it happen.

  1. Can you share 5 wedding cake tips with TBS brides?
  • Focus on taste. It should taste as good as it looks. It’s a special day for the bride and it should be amazing throughout!
  • Size doesn’t always matter… you can really impress with simpler selection
  • Cakes can be garnished with many things from fruits, frosting, fondant, confectionaries and toy models
  • We can always add mini surprises baked inside the cake so it adds a little texture and flavor. A beautiful layer of fruits, or a crunchy chocolate ganache to add texture or even pop rocks!  There are so many things to surprise your guests with 


  1. What wedding cake trends do you see emerging in 2016?

Individual mini cakes are quiet popular in 2016.  Additionally, we can see several “show cakes” where the desserts are being made live at the dinner party therefore creating a great event within the evening.

  1. What’s your favourite part of this job?

Apart from the food tasting it has to be making so many unforgettable memories for people with every sweet bite!  

  1. Other than Sugarmoo, what are your hobbies?

I love to bike, play basketball and I am an adrenaline junkie… I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro and did a Polar Ice Marathon in -25C weather in Greenland.  But my biggest thrill is spending time with my baby daughter.



  1. Whose wedding cake would you love to make?

Well if SugarMoo was around over a decade ago I would have definitely fought to make sure we would have catered the wedding of JayZ&Beyonce!  I have no doubt it would have been one amazing party!

  1. Lastly, what message would you like to share with TBS brides?

We love to make weddings sweeter than they already are, whether it’s a wedding cake, dessert table or individual creations SugarMoo would love to share that special day with you!



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