Tari and Toyo’s Fun and Intimate Wedding!

Tari from Naija, and Toyo from the UK, shared a unique and beautiful bond that kept them close together despite the long distance. They dated for 5 years (ofcourse Toyo visited her every 3 months) until they were certain they had accomplished their goals and can start a new chapter in their lives.

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A proposal was inevitable, as Tari told us but Tari wasn’t expecting it the same holiday when Toyo visited her. Little did she know THAT holiday was THE holiday!

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It was their friend’s birthday party in Dubai where everybody reunited and had a great time. When Tari saw the cake from afar she assumed it was for the birthday girl but when the cake landed right in front of her she was totally startled.

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‘Will you marry me?’ The cake was Toyo’s way of asking Tari the magical question. Then Toyo bent on his knees and formally proposed her with a beautiful ring.

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Toyo started her wedding planning a year in advance and visited The Bridal Showroom with a very precise vision and an absolute clear idea of what she wanted. We were pleased to know how well she knew about the wedding gown silhouettes and what would suite her.


With the help of our consultants, Tari chose a stunning pleated, high neck gown with a gorgeous hand beaded neckline by ______ . She perfected the classy and effortless look with a cathedral veil and jewel encrusted belt from The Bridal Showroom. Since the neckline was heavily embellished she kept her jewellery minimum with dangling Swarovski earrings.


When asked if she would recommend The Bridal Showroom to others she said, “I most definitely will and I certainly already have!”


Tari and Toyo tied the knot in an intimate and fun wedding in Dubai. We wish them a long and successful life ahead!


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