This is the story of #HappilyEverMrouehs

Dana and Mazen first liked each other on Instagram, talk about true millennial love! Little did they know that they were destined to be together in the real world.

The wedding theme was a modern take on a Greek affair, since they both loved travelling they decided to pick a destination they haven’t visited yet and let it be both a new discovery and the start of their lives together. They chose Santorini.

At the wedding, guests were in for traditional Greek cuisine and feasts, surrounded by island inspired olive garden décor. At the altar was a greenery adorned wreath, symbolizing warm romance and eternal love, it was the perfect backdrop for the Santorini sea mountain views. With an intimate guest list, the couple managed to plan a fun wedding that featured an ATV ride to the venue, Greek zorba dancers and lots of plate smashing.

But what stole the show was Dana in her Hayley Paige dress. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect look for her wedding day. The ivory Marrakesh beaded ball gown, scalloped sweetheart neckline and spaghetti strap detail with the cascading tulle skirt was made for this island bride. Here are our favorite moments from Dana and Mazen’s wedding day.

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