Interview with Liz from Liz JVR Photography

As soon as you start planning for your wedding the first few things that comes to your mind are: wedding dress, wedding theme and yes, ofcourse loads of wedding PICTURES! This month, TBS shines the spotlight on a remarkably talented photographer, Liz from Liz JVR Photography. Extremely friendly, detail oriented and responsive, Liz graciously sat down with us and shared her photography tips and tricks. We had an absolutely great time creating this post, hope you enjoy the read!


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1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a photographer?

My name is Liz and I was born and raised on a farm in Cape Town, South Africa. I came to Dubai at the age of 21 and have been here for 10 years now. I travelled quite a bit whilst living here – always taking photos on my trips and with a little push from my friends I took photography as a profession.

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2. Did you attend any school to learn photography?

I did attend several courses here in Dubai, but I strongly believe in, ‘practice makes perfect’.

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3. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what’s a normal work day (at a wedding shoot) like for you?

My work for a wedding starts the day before, preparing all my equipment. This means charging my gadgets, formatting all memory cards, packing my photography bag and making sure all my equipment are in working order and then I go to bed because the next day I’m going to be on my feet for about 8 – 10 hours straight, carrying around all my heavy equipment.

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After the wedding, I select a few images to edit right away to put up a sneak peek for my clients about 1 or 2 days after the wedding.

The editing process of an entire wedding takes up to anything from 4-8 weeks depending on how busy I get during wedding season.

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4. Would you like to share your photography style with us?

My style of photography is very soft and feminine with minimal editing. I’m a big fan of natural light and my favorite time to shoot the couple portraits is just before sunset, when the light is soft and dreamy. It just makes everything more romantic!

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My approach to your wedding day is unobtrusive. I like to be in the “background” and shoot the action as it happens. The only time I will be hands on is during the bridal and couple portraits. I don’t like my photo to be too posed that’s why you will always see natural smiles on my couple portrait portfolio. I really like to have fun and the most important thing to me is that you and hubby feel at ease with me.

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5. Do you idolize any photographer and really admire their work?

I really admire Jose Villa and Jen Huang – fabulous fine art photographers.

6. If you could photograph a celebrity wedding, whose wedding would it be?

No one in particular but I would love to photograph somebody’s wedding who is just as passionate about photography and details like I am. Photographers LOVE detail!

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7. Before a shoot what goals and ideas do you set and how do you stay passionate yet creative?

Usually my goals are to capture as much details as possible and to try focus on capturing something different unique and different. I would say the most important thing for me is to always stay inspired. I would always recommend to push your self and learn new things and of course PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM alot.


8. What are your top 3 camera gears?

I am a Nikon shooter and my absolute favorite lens is my 24-70mm – I call it my baby, then my 50mm oh and of course my cameras.

Image 27-299. Any advice that you would like to share with the budding photographers?

Shoot as much as you can and stay inspired. Contact other photographers and ask them if you can assist them at weddings.

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10. Other than photography what are your other passion/hobbies?

I have a parrot named Peanut, she is my baby and I absolutely adore her to bits – other than that I love to explore new countries with my husband.

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11. Lastly, what message would you like to share with the brides reading this interview?

I highly recommend an engagement shoot before the wedding! This is a fun way for us to get to know each other and a great ‘warm up’ for your wedding day. Many couples also use their engagement photographs for their wedding stationary.

The couple photos are some of the most important photos of The wedding photographs will end up on your wall at home. It is VERY important to invest time in these photos.

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The best and most beautiful time for the Bridal Couple Photographs is an hour before sunset – known as the ‘Golden hour’. Allow at least 1h for this shoot for best results. You will not regret it!

Last but not least: remember to relax and enjoy your wedding day! Take you shoes off and dance barefoot – just have fun.

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