Winter Wonderland Wedding by Jennifer & Nora

Planning a wedding can be quite overwhelming and to help you with the stressful yet the most exciting part of the wedding we bring for you an interview with Jennifer & Nora, CEO Exquisite Events.  Living in a city like Dubai where everything is possible, Exquisite Events is known for organizing unique and unparalleled weddings. Join us as we walk you through different elements of a Winter Wonderland Wedding organized by the wedding experts, Jennifer & Nora.

Jen & Noora 11. How would you describe this wedding?
I would describe this wedding as a Candle Light Winter Wonderland. It really was stunning when you entered the ballroom; it definitely had the WOW factor that the bride really wanted.

Jen & Noora 2

2. What inspired you to follow this theme?
We began with a pastel and white colour theme and as meetings and discussions went on we decided to go with a warm winter theme. With a winter theme you run the risk that the ballroom will feel cold and uninviting so we made sure that the flowers were in warm hues and added hundreds of candles to create that welcoming glow.


3. How early do you recommend couples to register with you?
We would always like at least 3 months from start to finish, this allows time for the bride and groom to shop around with the vendors and make changes. In the past though we have taken over weddings with 2-3 weeks to go and they were a success, it’s not ideal but it can be done!

4. How would you describe the months of preparation that went behind this wedding?
We had a lot of planning time for this wedding (from memory we had about 6 months) so as we started really early it was relatively stress free and smooth. We met weekly to discuss where we were in the planning process and to discuss itineraries and budgets and as the event came closer we met even more frequently. The whole process was enjoyable and memorable for everybody involved.


5. Did you incorporate any personal touches that reflected the bride and grooms personality?
In Emirati culture it’s the grooms family that plan the wedding, so sometimes that can be difficult however in this case the bride was involved in all decisions throughout. The bride chose all the flowers; from the colours to the style so in this wedding I feel that her personality really comes through.
6. What is the recipe that made the wedding so successful?
Teamwork and lots of determination, as there were so many different companies involved everyone really needed to pull together and work as one. During the build up the snow company, production company and the sound and lighting experts had to share a relatively small space and this could have led to problems but all 3 were respectful and patient and the build up ran smoothly and problem free.


7.  According to you what items are most important in a wedding and its ok to splurge a little extra on?
I have a few here, its tough to make this decision as a planner as there are so many important elements. I suppose first would be photography and videography as the day goes so fast for the couple and in such a blur that the photographs and video are what links all the memories together to make a full picture for them
I would also say sound and lighting, this is so often overlooked by the bride and groom or they are under the impression that the deejay will bring it, this can make or break the night and is never something that you should skimp on.

8. What was the most challenging task in this wedding and was there something that you experimented with for the first time?
We used snow for the first time at a wedding! The company we worked with Desert Snow is just amazing, they really know their snow! We laid it on the ground over the white carpet and then had it fall from the ceiling for the bride and groom’s entrance; it looked so magical and was a real talking point for weeks.


9. What was the most rewarding thing at the end of this wedding?
The most rewarding thing was the reaction we received to the wedding and décor, everyone we spoke to loved it and so did the family. That’s the most important thing for us that the family and bride and groom are really happy with the end result.

10. What would you recommend to couples on a tight budget?
I would recommend doing the personal touches yourself; name tags, seating charts and favours can all be done by the bride and groom and I think guests appreciate them even more when they see the time and effort that has gone into them. There are so many amazing websites these days for help and reference.


11. What is the perfect way to end the wedding night? How can you make in memorable?
Much as we like guests to enter Exquisite Events weddings with a WOW factor we also want them to leave with one, both are equally important. We often have fireworks to signal the end of the wedding or a big performance to leave all the guests wanting more.

12. Lastly your advice for the brides to be?
My advice for brides to be never changes “don’t sweat the small stuff”, there is a great book of advice with this title and it’s so true. Yes there will be small hiccups and things out of your control but if you are calm and having fun the little things won’t bother you. Enjoy your night and take a moment to take it all in, it goes way too fast!



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